Pho is one of my favourite foods. I have eaten it all over the country, and I love it every time. I love all kinds of Vietnamese dishes, but pho is my fave.

The first time I ever ate Vietnamese food was at one of the restaurants in the Hong Kong City Mall in Houston, Texas. (The Hong Kong City Mall is extremely awesome, by the way. And despite its name, it leans towards being super duper Vietnamese.) I ordered what the menu called “seafood pho,” which isn’t actually pho, but hu tieu. (Something I didn’t learn until years later.) I LOVED it. I had a really bad cold and it made me feel sooo much better. Just the memory of that moment with my giant bowl soup makes my heart skip a beat.

Here is a little something I made in Inkscape… pho!

Origami Wall

We are pulling the carpet out of our living room and hallway, because underneath our old, brown carpet is the coolest, most retro vinyl flooring ever. But it’s quite the ordeal. So far, only the hallway is finished.

I am in the middle of cleaning the living room out, and in the process, I am getting rid of a bunch of stuff. (Buddhist detachment comes in handy here.) I got rid of a cabinet thingy that was only attracting clutter, and then I remembered why I had it there in the first place… to hide the funky hole situation in the little wall where the old stove used to connect to the chimney. I looked around the house, trying to think of something fun with which to hide it… and then it came to me… cover the wall in butcher paper and attach origami paper!

I am going to attach finished origami pieces to it later on, for texture and depth.

Also… side note… I LOOOOOVE wood paneling.


roll reuse

Everyone loves a toilet paper roll owl. I’m no exception. I decided to fold over both ends so that I could stick a gift inside it. This was my super fast (done in about 45 seconds) prototype… I figure the ones I’ll use for Christmas will be fancier, covered in paper and whatnot. So many possibilities. 

Blue Wasp

I saw the prettiest wasp ever, grabbed my camera, and took a couple of (not-so-great) shots. It was such a shiny, metallic, deep blue color. Beautiful! I looked him up… he’s a blue mud wasp. Apparently these guys move into abandoned mud dauber nests, renovate them, and then raise a family there. That’s kinda adorable!