paleo pancake

I don’t do the whole paleo thing… but I wanted to try this recipe out because it seemed so easy, and I had a ripe banana hanging out and about. It was ridiculously simple and crazy delicious.

I mixed one organic banana, ripe to the point of absurdity with one organic egg.


I cooked the mixture in olive oil over medium heat. (Below the smoke point.)

I had one that turned out weird, and I realized it was because I accidentally poured it too big (shouldn’t try to make one with more than just a spoonful) and because I didn’t have enough oil in the pan. It was crumbly-ish and not pancake-like. I ate it anyway. It was still tasty. But the others turned out GREAT.

My mind was blown. My life was changed. I took a picture of them and then ate them in like four seconds. (This is a tiny plate, by the way. These were mini pancakes.)

Can you believe it? One @#**ing banana and one *%#$%ing egg. Hot damn.

I see myself eating many more of these in the future.

(…Except I think I’ll cook them in coconut oil. OMG.)

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