paleo pancake

I don’t do the whole paleo thing… but I wanted to try this recipe out because it seemed so easy, and I had a ripe banana hanging out and about. It was ridiculously simple and crazy delicious.

I mixed one organic banana, ripe to the point of absurdity with one organic egg.


I cooked the mixture in olive oil over medium heat. (Below the smoke point.)

I had one that turned out weird, and I realized it was because I accidentally poured it too big (shouldn’t try to make one with more than just a spoonful) and because I didn’t have enough oil in the pan. It was crumbly-ish and not pancake-like. I ate it anyway. It was still tasty. But the others turned out GREAT.

My mind was blown. My life was changed. I took a picture of them and then ate them in like four seconds. (This is a tiny plate, by the way. These were mini pancakes.)

Can you believe it? One @#**ing banana and one *%#$%ing egg. Hot damn.

I see myself eating many more of these in the future.

(…Except I think I’ll cook them in coconut oil. OMG.)


Pho is one of my favourite foods. I have eaten it all over the country, and I love it every time. I love all kinds of Vietnamese dishes, but pho is my fave.

The first time I ever ate Vietnamese food was at one of the restaurants in the Hong Kong City Mall in Houston, Texas. (The Hong Kong City Mall is extremely awesome, by the way. And despite its name, it leans towards being super duper Vietnamese.) I ordered what the menu called “seafood pho,” which isn’t actually pho, but hu tieu. (Something I didn’t learn until years later.) I LOVED it. I had a really bad cold and it made me feel sooo much better. Just the memory of that moment with my giant bowl soup makes my heart skip a beat.

Here is a little something I made in Inkscape… pho!