wall art

Finally got my big wall art project finished. I am very excited about it.

I used an image of the dill plant from wikimedia commons, edited it around a bit, sent it off to Staples for a 3′X4′ print, pinned it to black foam board that I’d attached to the wall, then went around the edges of the image with a Sharpie. I like. OH! And look! Mameshiba!

“Did you know? The inside of a kangaroo’s pouch is smelly.”

Thanks, Mameshiba. -_-

origami stars

The first time I ever saw the thin strips of origami paper for making stars was years ago when I bought some to sell in my old store, VK. I had no idea how to make them, but I love origami, and I love origami paper… so I had to figure it out.

I learned how to make them based off of pictures because the instructions were in Korean… so it took me awhile, but I finally got it. It would’ve been a million times easier if someone would’ve just taught me in person and said, “you’re just going to start it off by tying a knot in the paper and squishing it flat.”

I love making stars. They look so cute in jars.

Rhyming like a boss.

Look at this great paper. It’s the very first origami star paper I ever had.

And I looove my little bottle of stars. (With paper of my astrological sign):

paleo pancake

I don’t do the whole paleo thing… but I wanted to try this recipe out because it seemed so easy, and I had a ripe banana hanging out and about. It was ridiculously simple and crazy delicious.

I mixed one organic banana, ripe to the point of absurdity with one organic egg.


I cooked the mixture in olive oil over medium heat. (Below the smoke point.)

I had one that turned out weird, and I realized it was because I accidentally poured it too big (shouldn’t try to make one with more than just a spoonful) and because I didn’t have enough oil in the pan. It was crumbly-ish and not pancake-like. I ate it anyway. It was still tasty. But the others turned out GREAT.

My mind was blown. My life was changed. I took a picture of them and then ate them in like four seconds. (This is a tiny plate, by the way. These were mini pancakes.)

Can you believe it? One @#**ing banana and one *%#$%ing egg. Hot damn.

I see myself eating many more of these in the future.

(…Except I think I’ll cook them in coconut oil. OMG.)


My cat Max is insane. I mean… insane. I’ll put it this way- he is a highly effective hunter…

Anyway. He is a rescue kitty. And he is one of the most lovable, delightful cats of all time. He’s just a ruthless killer, that’s all. He just wants to leap out from behind a bush and scare the sweet Jesus out of you. All the time.

But look how cute he is here… with that little bit of tongue sticking out! Aww!

Techno Sakura

“The transiency of life!”

-That’s what I yelled on the beach at Santa Monica a few years ago, when the waves came and washed away something I had written in the sand.

Sometimes, I become overwhelmed by the concept of impermanence, and am moved to tears by how all the wonderful things in life are made even more wonderful by their fleeting nature.

…It’s the idea behind the Japanese word setsunai, and it’s why the poetic Japanese people love cherry blossoms so much. Such lovely flowers… only around for such a brief time.

But it’s not tragic, it’s beautiful.

Adventures of flash drive

I have the most adorable flash drive ever. One day, I took it along with me to a meeting. I took pictures of its adventures.


Hanging out with Phil.

Hanging out in coat. (Look at my husband’s pretty hair. Like an anime hero.)

Wants coffee.

Bathroom break.

Duck Car

How cute is this?! It’s a little tin container with a coin slot on the top… and the whole side flips down on hinges. I keep my Gogo’s Crazy Bones stickers in here. There’s a duck on it. Like, omg.

I bought it at a dollar store. For a dollar. I try not to think about the Chinese slave babies that probably made it. If someone would make stuff like this in a fair-trade type of situation, I’d totally buy it. Even if it cost twenty times more. I wish I could give all the factory workers who helped make this a great big hug. And a million dollars.